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The Usual Semmelweis effect when it comes to CWG!

The Semmelweis reflex or "Semmelweis effect" is a metaphor for the reflex-like tendency to reject new evidence or new knowledge because it contradicts established norms, beliefs or paradigms.
This interaction kick-started after the Other read

What I would actually, is that we have this tendency to ask for evidence for everything. Every belief our ours is said to have to be necessarily consolidated by proofs, consolidated truths etc.

Mostly- perhaps it is because we are living in a scientific era or perhaps it's because our civilization is used to follow religion as per ancient old scriptures.

What I know though of everything is that no belief needs a proof. It does not. A belief simply is! It just is. It merely exists!

At times I wonder since it is commonness about something that validates the righteousness of the thing-(for instance, since everyone in class get the same answer, then the answer must…

My interpretation of "worshipping Ram and Krishna"!

Let's get this clear-Idol worship is not mandatory in our epics. Instead of sitting in a temple with the idols, without having an insight, or an understanding of these books, one should try to have their own interpretation of these scriptures and apply it in their own lives.
Devotion doesn't imply spending hours reading scriptures, and singing and chanting in the temples, but it means to selflessly and ardently believe in the principles laid down for us to interpret and follow.

Many people ponder on the meaning of a ritual-especially the youth for they will not so easily accept ancient traditions as they are presented: why do young people touch feet of elders, why do Indians stand up during national anthem, why do Hindus hang leaves and flowers on the threshold of the house during festivals, why do Muslims fast during the month of Ramzan?

And often I noticed they are given explanations that comfort them, which is assumed to be the ‘right’ explanation. If I tell them rituals are …

Hormones and Society!

An acquaintance sent me this link a day ago when I was on the verge of abandoning certain things in the cyber space, but keeping that aside here's the video: :
"Dress code debate over schoolgirls 'distracting' boys 18 June 2014 Last updated at 02:56 BST
Most students in the US do not have to wear school uniforms, but that doesn't mean there isn't a battle over what clothes are deemed appropriate to wear in the classroom
Dress codes in most schools prohibit revealing outfits for girls such as short skirts or backless tops.
But some girls complain that the rules are enforced - and the girls then punished - because administrators think their clothes are 'distracting' to boys."

And from watching that video, there's one sentence in particular uttered by one of those fine damsel that struck be beyond measure. Unless you are already trying to make up your mind thinking that you "just know" the sentence…

People do not necessarily dress to seduce or impress you know!

"We baby boomers know how to dress with self-confidence. If our clothes are right, we feel like we can do anything. What’s the secret to being confident? Some people believe it's having a positive mental attitude, while others claim it's being wealthy. 

But according to one researcher, the answer may in fact lie in what we’re wearing.

Professor Karen Pine from the University of Hertfordshire said that specific clothing - including even superhero T-shirts - can make people more confident in all sorts of situations. 'Now research shows what we wear affects us too. 

'Putting on different clothes creates different thoughts and mental processes.

'My book aims to make people more aware of this, to understand how changing their clothes can change their mood and their thoughts."


When I read this research, I bounced literally up and down- because for me, it has been like a war won against my grandad who always firmly puts forward that "Girls of …