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3 Months | #SingaporeSignatures

I am sitting down after a really busy firework show of my neurons with the load of work popping into my portion of realm from everywhere.

Today makes exactly 3 months since I came to Singapore. What's interesting is that you would have had a different emotion there if I had placed it as 'Today makes exactly 3 months since I left Mauritius.'
Going somewhere always has a more positive connotation than leaving a place. People are comfortable with arrivals, more than departures. Cultures tend to celebrate births, but not deaths- unless if those deaths are of the evil emblems. No, don't associate my date-memorizing skills with my gender. It has nothing to do with that. It's just an easily memorizable date given the 29th is Heshna's birth date. It's 00:47 right now and I just alighted from the bus from campus to where I stay. This, for instance, is something I wish to share. Buses stop their services typically at 6 pm on our island. I have come to talk to my Mom on …

Why men (women) refuse to get married?

At the beginning of 2012, only half of the adult American population were married and 28% of them had never tied the knot. Rewinding two years from then, 40.8% of all births were outside marriage in the American land solely. Marriage rates are plummeting as a worldwide reverberation with the median age for people to get married shifting to 28 today as compared to the 21 of the 1960s. Contrary to popular beliefs, a mere 25% of unmarried young adults in the United States cohabit as per Pew Research analysis of Current Population Survey. Brandishing a giant placard of ‘No’ to marriage has hit record numbers in this century and indicate the blatant refusal among men and women to get married.
While the late 1900s saw the metamorphosis of marriage from an economic deal to one based on romance, the early 21st century is now depicting a cycle reversal. As at now, in terms of lifestyle, singlehood is of better quality. After all, bachelors are no longer eyed dubiously during selection on the jo…

Comparing the lifestyles of celebrities and ordinary people

Disney’s TV Show Hannah Montana depicts the female protagonist’s choice of leading an ordinary life despite being a celebrity. The show fluidly walks us through the distinct lifestyles of a celebrity and that of an ordinary person in terms of their set of values, ways of life, activities and attitudes. Whether celebrities and ordinary people are truly different would require a close diagnostic.
The first thing that comes to mind when discussing celebrity and common man’s lifestyles is luxury. From the sports industry to the entertainment industry, from politicians to business tycoons, the mantra “if you’ve got it, flaunt it” seems to be painted all over the walls that frame celebrity life.Because of the power and extraordinary amount of wealth they have, celebrities live a life that the normal man can only dream of. For instance, with real-estate assets worth more than just a few million dollars across the world, celebrities have better vacation options than an ordinary man. Be it Krab…