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The Mauritian Electorate's Ignorance

What saddens me about this Mauritian Political arena is that it in no way resembles a political arena- perhaps the fault lies in me, perhaps it’s that I got all the concept of politics wrong. But then, trying to stand straight all over again, I tried to grasp the real meaning of politics through some intense reading.

And I must say I have come to one conclusion, Politics In Mauritius is about people, not ideas.
Ask any Mauritian if they understand the concept of socialism, of liberalism, of conservationalists…LOL.. It would not ring a bell. Ask about the what X's political dynasty did for them, and they speak like a waterfall.
Who’s interested in the manifesto? And even if we were, everything sensical and note-worthy news go drowning into the ocean of dirty, and useless not so political news- but rather political gossips and happenings. I am not here to discuss events, I’m here to discuss ideas. But apparently the rest of the homo sapiens of this island are not very keen on doing just …

Electoral Thoughts

I can't understand one thing. And it has been bothering me since I was 9.

Why can't civil servants publicly talk about/ or I guess 'declare' their 'political allegiance'?

Top of Form To that question, a friend enlightened me:

Actually, it is because they are under the authority of the government, so they don't have the right to provoke anything that could cause turmoil. If anyone of them has a problem they need to adhere to the Trade Union. But you don't have the right to make a public intervention on the radio or scandalize governmental actions or participate in political instances that go against the government. Moreover, a civil servant has to be neutral as they may work in the electoral bureau on the elections day- as they do the counting and all. Hence, they have no right to show their political affiliation with any party.
    And to that I replied:

You said that the civil servants ought to be objective in their approach and be this neutral kind of be…


A visit to India forms a part of everybody’s travel bucket list. For the least I know, if you have no wish to visit this vast stretch of spiritual land charged with a fuming history and blast of cultures, then you most probably have never heard of India. For the one who hears about this land, wants to at least have a glimpse of it. So much that even the westerners were drawned to it- but perhaps for a different reason- that of making Bharat theirs..the diamonds, the spices, the gold, the rule..the innocence of the Hind's people.

India is like this dream destination to me. It's something that grips our entire family together.

Hhmmpp I have been reading tonnes of travel guides to India and been through several Travel Blogpost on the country- I was a bit disappointed by the content given that I come from Mauritius and we literally have a lifestyle which is an extension of that of Indians.

Basically all I could find on some sites were:
-The usual notice of removing the shoes before en…

I don't like my friends

Once, on Yahoo Answers, a girl posted:
I don't like my friends! They are so serious and moody all the time and whenever they are upset about something they take it out on me . I can't take it anymore . They take even the slightest of comments seriously . Like for example, I called my really skinny friend fat for fun but she got mad for three days! The other one told me something really stupid about something and when I laughed she got mad . I really can't take their mood swings anymore ! I mean I'm a girl of their age too! and I'm a naturally happy and jolly person and they dampen my spirits. I mean they can be really nice to but they are too moody . Am I a bad person?For hating them sometimes ? What do I do? To that I have the following to say:
It's time to take some fresh air!.. You are not wrong for hating them at times, not at all! Neither does it make you a bad person!

(Nothing is intrinsically right or wrong. It is people who make you associate those judgment…

Crush Problems

What does it mean if my crush doesn't chat me first on facebook?  Me and my crush talk in person on a daily basis. Him being my classmate and all. Some of my classmates were saying that he and I have a different kind of closeness and some even said that my crush said that he likes me. What I worry about is, he likes and comments (Yeah I know, I stalk but I can't help it) other girls' pictures and posts and not even one of mine. It makes me wonder, is it a sign that he doesn't like me back? I tried chatting him first on facebook one time, he was fast to reply so I'd consider that our conversation went well but after that, he just...doesn't chat me at all. I'd be grateful if someone would answer my question. Thanks for reading this.
Best AnswerAsker's Choice Soul Bringer answered 4 months agoEdit 1) Ego Game
2) Not trying to seem clingy or desperate
3) Wants to know if you like him enough to start the Conversation first, trying to test your interest level

My Personal Beliefs

1.All change is change for the better. There is no such thing as "change for the worse." Change is the process of Life Itself, and that process could be called by the name "evolution." And evolution moves in only one direction: forward, and toward improvement. Therefore, when change  visits your life, you can be sure things are turning for the better. It may not look that way in the very moment change arrives, but if you will wait a while and have faith in the process, you will see that this is true.
2.One thing that I can tell you is that feelings, you should never be sorry about them. They are the language of your inner most being. I don't think that you should be sorry about anything. Ever. Never regret anything, for they come from you. You love yourself enough to regret whatever comes from you. And one only feels sorry either for things they are ashamed of or to try remedy things. Know that there’s nothing to heal, nothing's been broken. If you regret th…