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Let's go! | #SingaporeSignatures

Warm thermals are pushing my heart gently upward in a seemingly never ending spiral.
It is peace which is self-ascending to the heavens, seeing the view usually bequeathed only to the birds, their birthright and domain. As we would glide on, above the green cliffs, over the heather and on toward the patchwork urbanland we would begin to gain height.
It is some 23 hours before I finally have to step off the Mauritian ground and feel the world infinitely below me.
I imagine myself with the wind tousled in my newly cropped hair and the bottom right corner stamping the words: “New Beginnings: Making the Leap into a New Life.”
Tomorrow, I leave home. I leave a place that has been my childhood cocoon. I love this home and the community around it so much that for now I can only bury this pain and hope to deal with it later. To those that take my place it is only walls, the streets only concrete, but to me there is love here. As I turn to depart I feel part of my soul imprint onto the walls, a…

People should be free to say and do as they wish. Discuss.

There seems to be an internal basic need and desire for freedom within the soul of every human being. Humans realise that freedom is fundamental and to rob someone of his liberty is to take away from him the essential basis of not only the command of his life but from a modern world perspective also that of his right as a citizen of a viable democracy.  If freedom of expression is today pompously announced to be the order of the day in practically all democracies, it does not mean that it always has been the case or is currently truly the case. As freedom of speech is continuously gaining momentum among digital citizens regardless of their content, frequency and effects, there is a thriving lifeline championing censorship and bans on the basis of morals, ethics or sheer control.
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Make Your Self Exciting!

I am very often alleged to behave too much like stereotypical 16-year-olds. And I do take that as a compliment. I don't tend to walk greys. So when you party, you party hard and when you study, you study hard. It's about adding the maximum of your energy and optimism into something.

I think it's important that we remain excited about everything, about the tiniest thing happening around you. It not only helps boosts the positivity within you but also automatically makes you happier and a highly aura-projecting soul.
I prefer exciting people. Boredom and people is just, well, boring. Get yourselves more exciting, it makes you so much more alive! Trust me! And I don’t mean it in a way to just make your personality shine a tad brighter, but to make you feel good about yourself, for your overall health and well-being.
I just want to share a little story from my backyard. I have a grandmother and she’s pretty young by mind. She talks. About the news, world affairs, has the loudest …

Rustom Review

I probably had more expectations from this movie so I would give it a decent 3.7/5. If you have seen the trailer, you can simply switch to the second half of the movie and still understand the rest. Too much was already revealed in the trailer for a movie which could have otherwise been an intriguing watch. The setting is very beautifully unanimated and humble as it successfully weaves the times of those bygone days of Raj Kapoor. The cultural baggage of a newly-independent state's masses is accurately presented from a sociological perspective. Ileana is a treat to watch and Kumar justifies the role as usual but we've seen him in more impactful roles. Emotionally charged, good direction. The promos built up too much for not much though.

Graduation Ball 2016

Queen Elizabeth College | Graduation Ball 2016 | Semper Sosores Cato San Frontiers Thursday 28 July 2016 6:00pm – 10:30pm Royal Gardens, Victor Hugo Road, Beau Bassin A TOUCH OF ROYALTY Non SOLUM ♥♥♥ Eruditioni ♥♥♥ Sed VITAE

It was 5:30pm and the sun started to sink lower in the sky, the light of day draining away, and giving way to the velvety dark of night. The air was mildly damp and cool leaving goose bumps on our arms from the winter evening of the Mauritian July. The green shrubbery now looked almost black, silhouetted, colors muted, as if they had been drained away by an invisible hand- as if the artists' palette had been changed.
The wind howled lightly as the students arrive through the gates, hustling and bustling up the yellow-lights lined staircases.

Graduation Ball is one of the biggest balls of the year and perhaps your final chance to celebrate with all your friends from the last seven years. The Graduation Ball is the glittering climax of a completed school career – as wel…