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Becoming your crush’s crush one day…

Not all dreams come true. We all have that one dream that we keep close to our heart, guarded against the outside world and its harshness. We talk about this dream with only close people because they are the only one who will understand and not judge or pass silly and nasty comments about it. That dream may be about you obtaining the job you desire the most or buying your own house or something too-incredibly-divine-to-be-good: Becoming your crush’s crush one day…
But then it could be bad when infatuation is not mutual. It worsens when you come to know that your crush holds negative thoughts about you or already has someone special in his life. This is the moment when you see your dreams and your imaginary lovey duvey world crumbling into pieces! You feel the hurt, the anger, the envy, the resentment, the jealousy all at the same time! You want to lash out, smash everything around you –But at the same time you want to curl yourself into a ball and cry yourself to sleep to escape this cr…

Along with the timpani, the drums are now beating..

Oh My dear beloved, Come flying as rapid as a thunder strikes, And unlock the shackles that are binding me, off my ankles..Along with the timpani, the drums are now beating..There’s this perpetual knocking on the heavy metal gates..But you’re still not here..I’m gazing at your path since the dawn of Creation, Come now with Your arms wide open..My restless heart is swirling round and round-It’s calling out to you beloved. Don’t refuse me, my Lord. Come and stay at my place for a while..The moments are passing by. Come now, dance with me!Your hands are shivering..Don’t be scared anymore, In the gardens, it sings-the peacock sings and tells all about the state of the heart.. -Adapted from the Song! This season, It’s fast paced music that features at the top of Music Day's list-dancing one's heart out and catching every beats. It’s highly folkloric and the Dhol beats which have been infused seamlessly in the song makes it a number to groove on.
The dance, has the sensuous actress dr…

The new love of my life.. Barney!

Having a pet might be the most exciting thing in a child's life, I know for me it was, and it still is. While for some people it means having an adorable furry animal to show off, for others its a means to kill loneliness.

               For me, however, the reason I brought Barney in my life some 5 months ago, is completely different. Last year in our biology book, in the chapter Heredity, there were the pictures of some guinea pigs and that made me do some research on them, for they are extremely adorable! After looking at some pictures that melted my heart, I stumbled on something that broke my heart. 

               I always knew about animal abuse but it never affected me because for me my animals are family members. But in the big world, the reality is horrible! I found that over 100 million animals – mice, rats, dogs, cats, rabbits, monkeys, birds, among others – are killed in U.S. laboratories for chemical, drug, food, and cosmetics testing every year. Yes, i …

Open letter to they-know-who-they-are

For those girls who make up most of my days (my life is made up of days, so in other words, my life),
“It would be a privilege to have my heart broken by you” – wait, in the positive way, of course!
We are on a roller coaster, aren't we? I might have disappointed you, many times. (Well, saying sorry would not make up for everything, but still…) It’s still haunting me. That immature behaviour of mine is uncontrollable. Hopefully, you are there to take care of it and bring me back on track when it's required!
Anyways, this should look like a vote of thanks, or something similar. I don’t know how to call it! The way you find points to always contradict my likes is funny! I wonder what would happen if you weren't able to do. I do make funny faces, but it fills me with I-have-no-words-to-describe-this. This mainly happens because of the differences which exist in all of our choices. DIVERSITY, HIGHFIVE TO THAT!
I wait for those moments when we get messy! Yes, I love them this much.…

I'm in love with Aehr as much as I'm in love with Rhea.

I feel bad!

I just feel bad. It's weird. I've always been this assertive person who's so sure of the personality I endorse and even flaunt it. But right now, it's the period of change which is nagging. I know matter of factly, that my perspective on a hell of a lot of things is starting to change dramatically- and this change is never going to be the last one-all of us undergo constant changes in our own personality.

At times I wished that I could allow myself somebody to rely on- how much longer will I look for comfort in my imaginary friends. I can't keep confiding into Abhi each time I feel like I need someone to hold myself to. Up till when will I crystallize my urge to embrace someone by hugging Candy like my life depends on it. I'm done-or perhaps I'm not. I know the minute I accept somebody into my life, I'm instantly going to want to pull away. It's just the way I am. I always tend to behave contrary to people's affection towards me. I thi…

"Don’t revolve your world around your crush."

Crushes are like roller coasters. For a few moments, THEY can make you float on cloud nine. But for the rest of the time, it can haunt and torment you. Almost always, a crush can make your life miserable and bring it to a standstill. ^^ Crushes always starts with infatuation. And when you have a crush on someone, big chances are, you’re just madly attracted to them and nothing more. A crush is nothing but an appreciation of beauty or certain traits that you admire in someone else, especially the opposite sex. But here's the gist: "Don’t revolve your world around your crush."
When you have a crush on someone, you're giddy with hope for the future — and it's heartbreaking when you realize it won't work out.
Astonishingly, despite my ever-since-I-can-remember-disgust for Boys, I actually allowed myself to say I have a crush, and to experience all the complicated emotions that go with it. I had considered writing down a few pages about how I felt. Taking some time t…

Live Commentary!-HALA MADRID

Rhea, THEY ARE PLAYING! Maheemah Sonia  •  19 mins Yes! Why is C.Ronaldo so dolled up?! 8 mins

RONALDO LOOKS HOT, OKAY? Maheemah Sonia  •  5 mins No, he looks like a walking glazed statue- from top to bottom! Did he do a facial before the match!? His face's shiny!

We want a society where everyone is genuine and authentic and rule-following. An ideal society.

She was told not to cross the threshold of her husband’s house. She stepped out, nevertheless, and ended up being rejected by society. The story of Sita’s rejection forms the controversial conclusion of the much-revered Hindu epic Ramayana. She was here restricted. This line is a powerful metaphor for rules. Within the Lakshman-rekha, social rules apply, and Sita is the wife of Ram. Outside it, she is just a woman for the taking. Within, Sita is safe. But when she crosses the line, she is abducted.
But what are Rules?!  We ought not hurt anyone’s feelings and we should ask permission to borrow other people’s belongings. We should not utter profanities, we need to abide by the school rules and regulations!..Every politician follows the rules, and every bureaucrat follows the rules, and every judge follows the rules. There are many rules to follow!  Some research I did concluded the following: The functions of Rules:  (1) Defending us from evil,  (2) Promoting the common good-resolving disput…

Highlights of 2012-2013 QEC!


Epitome of Difference: A look beneath the crown - Diary of an insider.

9 January 2009- My first day as a newbie to high school life. The transition from  being the seniors of Primary School and then –BANG- the Juniors of Secondary school obviously scratched all of us on the back-but it could soothingly be digested- after all we had been admitted into the most coveted all-girls star college-the Queen Elizabeth College.
Sure, it was an awesome feeling. People around looked at you differently when you wore the green tunic and white blouse. To be honest, I never knew what to expect about being a Cato Vert. But little did I know that there so much to endorsing that new identity.
I vividly remember my admission day where I was introduced to a moustached Mr Dwarkan, Batman of the school and to Mr James who really lightened the tensed atmosphere with his all smiling face. But what really struck me that day is something which would never vaporize from my nerve cells!
The girls! The welcoming committee! I was more than amazed- dazzled is too small a word perhaps! I r…

Gap! Generation Gap! -_-

Right! So I'm sitting in the school bus, next to delved-into-homework Toohina..Hmpphh,..And amazingly it just happens to be one of those moments where I realize how I can never sit idle! But that's not the point of this post.

What I'm writing to touch on is about Generation Gap-All of us, has experienced this at one point in time: It's not confined to age differences- but also goes beyond differences in experience and maturity. For me personally though, the real thorn remains the differences in the common psyche. Each generation has a particular value consensus that allows people of that common era to flock together because of the common nature of their norms, values, customs and tradition. Obviously, as per human nature- sameness validates righteousness and hence living among-st common folks validates their paradigm!

A generation gap is really meant to be equivalent to approximately 18 years of difference-Since it is just around enough time a new culture rises after t…

When parents say ‘Because I said so.’ you know you made a good argument.

I love them- perhaps more than anything that has ever occurred to me till now. It's just that at times things go out of control and I begin to ponder if things really ought to be the way they are..I remember thinking as a child if I was not actually an adopted kid, because unless my heart was deceiving I felt quite abandoned at times. The problem is not with them but rather with me being the attention seeker that I can be. I'm a chatterbox and talking is something I never get tired of- at times their lack of attention pricks my heart and I feel like I should give up on the comprises I make to live with them.

I love my parents. I really do. But lately, they've just been overbearing. In their eyes I can never be good enough. I need to be damn close to perfect to be deemed acceptable in their eyes. It was a tiring existence. Don't get me wrong, my parents love me and I love them dearly. Why else would I go through that bull if I didn't? You can see they only want the be…