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Teenage Relationships

I have never truly been in one- but I know enough of it that makes me want to stay away from them. I’ve just reached home from school having a great chit chat with Rushaa and Zaahirah- and god, that’s not a rare thing to have happening: either it is heated debates on the topic of Islam, or confidences about family occurrences or tentalising gossips. And well, today it was the latter.

I’m not going to talk about how much of gossip mongers we can be just for fun- but hopefully we are able to draw the line where appropriate. And yes- today, we did talk about those in a relationship- the three of us seated in the bus: one sworn never to return back into a teenage relationship, one the sworn tomboy and another the sworn crush only fella. An amazing trio with whom this discussion can reach heights.
My personal belief is that teenage relationships are not meant to “be”. 

In the sense that, yes I totally agree that they tend to prepare you for future relationships, bringing along with them a pool…

Western Trip

Great! Another new day, o8 41. We hare headed to Mam's where we shall pick them up to head towards Casela. It's the last day of these winter holidays and it's only when the folks have decided to take us out. Sunn Raha Hai Na Tu, Female version in the background. It's been a long since I last listened to this track of Shreyaa Goshal. The battery's 49% and now that I'm remembering this, the girls have not yet submitted their works. I really don't know what to look forward to at Casela. There's the Safari trip, the Fishing game and Quad Biking which I did once. There's the Zip line that I tried once elsewhere. Adrenaline rush, baba. I totally recommend this as a once in a lifetime experience even for the weak hearts! Casela has obviously changed a lot comparatively to years when I was a toddler. It used to be known only as a ''zoo'', an animal park where we dreamed to see lions- this desire having been instilled into us after a good watc…

What should this love be named?

Nature v/s Nurture- (Research, 1 year ago.)