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The 12 irks of turning 18

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1. You now have to become the Amitabh Bachan of ResponsibilityTurning 18 is hard, you can't imagine how hard it is. Especially when suddenly all your responsibility-oriented faculties have rusted by only staying in the midst of a school atmosphere or a particular not so filled-with-adults-world. Grr. RESPONSIBILITY is the key word about turning 18, believe me. It's about not losing your Driving License, which yes I did. It's about not losing your ATM Card, which yes I did. It's about being organized in your head and not missing the dates for your activities, which yes I did. Trust me, I feel so nasty right now more than guilty.
2. The Piggy Bank is no longer worthwhileI think that the main hardships of adulthood are economic in nature. I swear this is exhausting. Sure, I do have good budgeting skills but it feels like I have nothing to budget because my Piggy Bank is well, practically empty. So yes, turning …

Self Interview: Iam Aehr

342nd BlogpostSo I chose some questions from Dragos Roua's blog and decided to answer them.
1. Who Do You Love?I'm trying my best to make this list non-exhaustive and 'reach' a point where I can exclaim: Tell we what/who I do not love? 2. Do You Think You Are a Good Person?Good is a relative term, what is good for me doesn't have to be good for you, it could actually even be a sin for you. I think that I have instances where I am good and instances where I am bad. I don't feel the need to constantly be warm and loving to people. I allow myself to vary between my selves. But at the end of the day, my intention is to become the Grandest Version I have ever conceived of my own self.  3. How Old Are You?Age is beyond a mathematical concept for me. I feel that maturity speaks more than age. I have always been against the idea that age should be a criterion of definition for an individual. Sure, it helps to put a relativity scale with peers. However, it’s not the numbe…

Is Majority Rule an Absurdity?

Power has been at different historical periods  vested on one person- the monarchy, then in a minority- the oligarchy and now apparently in a majority- the democracy. Although democracy boasts about protecting the rights and voices of the weak and vulnerable minority, it functions on a pretty astounding electoral system: a pretty humongous 49% of a population votes against the government elected by the remaining 51% can be classified as this 'minority', now voiceless group. In such a line of thought, this apparent majority rule without any doubt is absurd. You may very well claim that democracy is the world's best governmental system but remember it is not the best. 

The law of the majority is justified when a minority oppresses a majority giving rise to discrimination of various types. This can still be traced in the form of racism and not necessarily in history with the Jim Crow System and Apartheid System. In order to put an end to the violation of their rights, the Blac…

Mass Public Indiscipline

Happy morning wonderful people, Trust me, it's been a long time since I last found the inspiration to sit down and write something concrete, stirring and life changing! :3
But now that I have finally reorganized and redecorated my room after 2 weeks of holidays and that my desk is stripped off of stacks of school textbooks and past exam papers, I feel like I have a cozier atmosphere once again to write and express myself! ^^
So here I am, my laptop plugged in, sticker notes on my wall board screaming my To-Do lists and, of course, water and stationary on either side!
Now, I know it's an awkward way of starting a blog post of a seriousness as you would see below but well, I feel really content right now. 
______*Getting back to some Concrete Writing, finally!*______

Well, today after probably some 5 months or 7, I have been to the beach with my maternal family: my grandma, grandad, cousins and aunts! Of course, due to exam periods we hadn't met up so much and we struck a fair dea…

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo (Receive a treasure called love) is not a movie for the India of today although it probably has everything a quintessential Hindi ‘masala’ family film would crave for. But take our advice if you are the emotional person: Go with a full packet of tissues, you will need all of them. 

In the film, not much happens in terms of plot lines and surprises but here Salman's larger than life personality ensures that the single layered screenplay doesn’t become drab. He enjoys the moments and makes the infantile-looking situations work a bit. It is also a kind of screenplay that suits Sonam’s style of acting. There is not much to convey between the lines and Sonam sparkles in such an atmosphere, she truly looks like a princess: traditional, confident, demure, emotional orgasms and tolerance. She and Khan make an interesting and pleasant pair.

There is a problem, however. PRDP leaves you asking one big question: Are we ready to gulp down a mouthful of cheesy romance that is…

Living Life's Realities as a Teenager

Good morning people,
It's the 2nd of October 2014 and by the time you read this we should have moved to the other side of October. I have a General Paper essay to write and here I am sitting down and writing a blog post instead. And the worst thing is that I'm not feeling an ounce of guilt about it.
I have been meaning to write about this for a while now. I'll start off by writing to you portions of an essay I wrote last year after something occurred and abashed me terribly. I was not sure if I was capable of during at then lost if someone, I mean I've been trying to decipher death in such a way that it appears as the most beautiful thing to be blessed with. And today I understand it is. But back then, I gave in.
''The school atmosphere became more tensed as the crowd gathered. ''This cannot be happening! No! No! This cannot b...,'' she murmured bitterly, dry lips quivering as tears welled up in her eyes. Everybody s…

Dil Dhadakne Do

There has definitely been a bunch of movies that have marked me, however, this is one movie that I have related with to a large extent.
Zoya Akhtar’s Dil Dhadakne Do – narrated by Pluto the dog with Aamir Khan’s voice steered its wealthy dysfunctional family on a voyage of self-discovery. Like her previous film Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Dil Dhadakne Do is also about a trip that changes the travellers’ perspective towards life.

For all that, she pulls off something semi-miraculous in the second half, as – unlike her Hollywood predecessors – she makes us care about her characters. 
Just that they have no idea that this trip is about to change their perceptions forever. It’s going to be a life-altering experience for the people who are buried under pressure to behave the way the society wants them to behave! 
One can not deny that it didn’t make sense to show such problems with such an extravagant lifestyle background, but the sheer attempt shows that no Indian family can run away from certa…