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My Perfect Guy


My cousin ( +Jessy Islander ) and I used to play this game called The Perfect Boy Game.

We would both describe our ideal boyfriend in painstaking detail, assigning him characteristics ranging everywhere from physical attributes (What color were his eyes and hair? How tall was he? Was he chiseled or a little chubby?) to personality traits (Was he emotional or reserved? Was he super-confident at a party and super-vulnerable with you? Was he messy or a neat freak?) and interests (Did he play a sport or an instrument? Did he like popular music? Was he obsessed with movies? Would you care if he smokes recreationally?) Should he ressemble Ranveer Singh?(Ok, this last one's for +Priya Bhirgoo  :P.

Even if it all started off during casual conversations at the beach, it was only last year that our Whatsapp chat box became littered with such stuff. And that got me to pause and reflect.

It was our favorite game, a therapeutic exercise …

Escape Plan.

"Okay- yes, you might say that I’m being irrational right now.
But this is definitely not the first time I had had the guts to plan an escape plan from home. No, not the typical scenario where I should stealthily pack up in the middle of the night and open the gate silently and move out to the open. I was settling for a more daring act. I wanted to pack the luggage in front of them and proudly move out in front of their fat noses.
I have had such conflicts a lot with them. And no, it’s not the normal teenage-parent conflicts. We lock horns on other matters. On matters like why can’t they be just a little more spiritual and less egoistic? We lock horns on our values. We lock horns on how much they control my sharp-tongue and do not allow me to Who I Want to be. 

Honestly, I cannot be more then grateful for whom they’ve somehow sculpted me into. But now that they’ve given me the wings, I want to use them. Fact is just that they never taught me how to fly as they never flew themselves. …


First things first, allow me to wish you a Dazzling Divali! :D This is not a post about Ramayana or the Gods. :)

Divali has always been one festival that I held close to my heart. Lights are always enchanting and I particularly love the yellow nuances and dance on the lamps.  There's always been a mystifying aspect to light, especially that which comes from the flames.
The yellow flames flicker and dance with no thought of the oxygen or the fuel they consumed. They have no appreciation of what has been given to them and no concern for what would be left after. 

Yet, whilst it has the power to shine the path of someone, it also has the power to incinerate the path with its darting rays.
As a three-year-old toddler, there was no way I could ever forget about that Divali and how much of a glorified event it was. Bizarrely, it has never been because of the feast of firecrackers that has the capacity to "wow" audiences, but rather out of the fright of my parents having yet another o…

Expectations vs. Reality: Having a Male Best Friend (Adaptation)

1. Expectation: "He can give me guy advice!"
Reality: Most of the time when you ask your guy BFF for guy advice, he will shrug and continue eating his slice of Pizza dirtying his mouth and probably T-shirt in the process. Guys don't have any more knowledge about how some dude he's never met operates any more than we do. Actually he will never be able to tell with even 65% certainty if he thinks another guy's behaviour means he probably like you from merely watching his behaviour unless your make best friend is probably crushing on you!
2. Expectations: ''I'll be one of the guys!"
Reality: I wish this were a thing, but truthfully you will probably just be his GIRL friend. Because honestly, let's admit it, your male best friend is no more yours to claim once he meets up woth his GUYS friends! Guys often have a really hard time differentiating "cool girl" from "girl I wanna sleep with." And just because you're his BFF doesn&…

QEC: Types of People during exams!

Well well, just when we thought that QEC folks are exclusively branded as the Cato Verts, it would be interesting to see the metamorphosis they undergo during the examinations period! :P

The Hare This is the type of specimen who lends its three copybooks to its friends because it has already revised them and is now on the fourth one. It is the kind of candidate who has already completed the 2 hours paper in 30 minutes only and has worked out the paper thrice, ‘just in case'!

The Parrot This one will go on repeating its notes, now engraved in its mind (an ever-ending storage device.) They are what we alternatively call the ‘Radio’, reciting the entire chapter!

The Hibernating Bear These are normally the bunch of fellas who sit as far as possible from those holding books in their hands 15 minutes before exams for some last minute revision. They are scared to death that they might confuse whatever they have in their heads and they sit down quietly, lost in some black and white checkered fl…

The difference between "love" and Love

Many think of love as sadness, pain and torture and immense danger of losing one self. From this perspective, we would probably all be better off if we never allowed ourselves to fall in love, to pretend as if we had no heart at all.I don’t actually believe that. I don't.

And mind you, I'm telling you that after a self-imposed heartbreak and a 'not-being-able-to conquer-over-your-crush's-heart'.
Yes, two years ago, the only guaranteed (and what I deemed most reasonable) way not to get my heart broken again, was to maybe act like I didn't have one. 
But truth isthat,that is no way to live. The truth is, all that pain you experience, all those difficult times you have to face and deal with, all of that is necessary.
It’s necessary for you to learn and to grow as an individual. It’s necessary to feel the pain of love in order to understand the meaning of loss. Most importantly, you need the pain of love in order to love. In the absence of that which you have, that whic…