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Men love, Women do not. | #SingaporeSignatures

Women don’t love, they only care for themselves.

Loyalty and friendship are concepts no woman can ever fully understand. It’s not deliberate, it’s in their nature—it’s evolution. A woman will unconditionally love her offspring only—if she is a good mother. Aside from this, women love conditionally and opportunistically. You can’t change that. But once you know it, you can act accordingly.
Women are incapable of loyalty and friendship towards men, just as men are incapable of giving birth.
The reason people accept the existence of unconditional love script is childhood. Your parents loved you with all their hearts and the template for what love is supposed to be was set during those early years. You loved them back in the same unconditional manner. And it was great. But your woman is not your mom. She is a fickle-minded person who’s most likely looking out for a prettier branch to grab right now.
Make no mistake, even when a woman is deeply “in love” with you, her love is not unconditional…

Sawasdee Phuket | #SingaporeSignatures

Being an island, the best way to explore the wonders to behold around Phuket is by boat. However, why just enjoy the destination when you can enjoy the journey, too? 

Take in the slow lapping of waves against the hull, a warm tropical breeze in your hair, the sun reflecting off the water and the contentment of knowing that a day out seeing the remarkable sights that surround Phuket Island lies ahead.

Climb aboard a minivan as you’re picked up at your hotel and transported to the Laem Sai Pier where you ride a cruiser boat out to Phang Nga Bay. Depart the larger boat and hop onto a small canoe with an experienced local guide who assists you in your paddling journey.

Canoe across the serene waters of Phang Nga Bay as you experience amazing landscapes and sail through atmospheric lagoons. Paddle into mysterious caves covered with magical rock formations, keep your eyes peeled for exotic wildlife, and enjoy a Thai buffet lunch on your way to Lawa Island.

Glide into the darkened sea caves of t…

Phuket and Mauritius | #SingaporeSignatures

In terms of relaxation and really getting away from the world, you can’t beat a beach holiday. There’s something about sun, sea, and sand that drives our cares from the world and lets us truly unwind from work and the day-to-day turmoil of life.

I am an islander, born and bred on the jewel of the Indian Ocean. I know the feeling of being at the beach by heart- the real feeling I mean. Not the fake atmosphere Singapore attempts to create with its artificial beaches or the designed-to-perfection Jumeira Beach of Dubai.
I have been to Phuket, Thailand for 4 days and there's much that I can say about Phuket as a destination in contrast to Mauritius, Singapore, Malaysia and with some faint light, India.
However, before we get there, let's give Phuket the credit of being able to amass a huge number of tourist per year.
Phuket has long been misunderstood. Firstly, the ‘h’ is silent. And secondly, Phuket doesn’t feel like an island at all. A place is not an island solely because it is sur…

16 Weeks, 72 Fun Activities | #SingaporeSignatures

This post is a continuation of a previous post titled, 6 weeks, 24 Fun Activities | #SingaporeSignatures and highlights activities as from the 7th to 16th week spent in Singapore.

16 Weeks/ 72 Activities
4.5 Activities/ Week on average
25. Gardens by the Bay

26. Satay by Bay, Gardens by the Bay's Hawker Centre
27. Travel by Sentosa Express

28. Sentosa

29. Sentosa Merlion

30. Sentosa at Night

31. Divali in Little India

 32. Bugis

33. Clarke Quay in Daytime

34. Silent Disco

35. DBS Sailing by Marina Bay