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11 Perks to the Big Sister- Little Brother Equation

At the beginning of your happy, jolly journey on Earth as a little h-oo-man, it’s just you. You get all your parents’ attention, sharing and another little h-oo-man that would snuggle himself in your seat at the dining table remain two alien concepts.
Then, before you know it, you’re a big sister to a baby brother. You swell with the importance of your new responsibility – until you realise that it’s a life-long commitment.
My brother and I are six and half years apart in age. Naturally, there were those few years that involved constant fighting and him blaming everything on me and somehow never getting in trouble while I took all the heat.
But what are the Perks of being a Big Sister to a Little Brother? 

1. You get to dress him up in female clothing For the first couple of years, before he is impregnated with any preconceived societal ideas of gender identity, you get to have him wear your Mom's bras and have him apply bright red lipstick. Heck, now that I think of it, my brother to…

What is it that scares me about new beginnings?

The following is a Guest Post and may not be in line with the philosophy of Our Alter Ego. I just wanted to give people the opportunity I always thirsted for but never got, which is a platform for expression. I hope you appreciate the endeavours.  Be Light,  Much Love, Iam Aehr. .  .  .

I am feeling quite nostalgic lately. At first, I was looking for the reason I was being so moody one minute, then happy and without a care in the world the next one. I am nearly nineteen and a half years old. By now, I should have become a tough, independent woman, as most of you might have expected. Heck, even I had expected myself to grow up much more quickly­ emotionally speaking.
Thing is, I tend to take things much more to heart than many other people. While what someone might say to you ­ something good or something bad­ might evaporate from your memory as quickly as it entered it, I feel like I am a whole lot different. Good different or bad different, I honestly don't have a clue about that. And …

Utter Unhappiness

As I am trying to find my happiness in others,I lay in a state of Utter Unhappiness,I go to bed every night; sleepless,My dreams flying into smoulders,And my head cast in an abysmal ache.
I have abdicated my life,With the intention of making them guilty,But the sores are being thrown my way only,Presenting numbness goes to be the best solution,That to my sheer disintegration.