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How far do you agree that despite Man’s attempt to control Nature, Nature has instead been more successful in controlling Man?

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Since the beginning of evolution, nature has played a great role in challenging mankind. And with technological advances, man has learned to adapt to his surroundings and withstand nature’s obstacles. But whilst some believe man’s gradual attempts will render him more powerful than nature, others are convinced that man will never succeed in conquering nature. Although it may seem obvious that since nature is the maker of everything, it will always have the upper hand, in order to elucidate this clash of opinions, a close diagnosis is required.
To begin with, as civilization developed, man became less dependent on nature. As he is getting to know more and more about nature, he is able to transform it and increasingly ‘overpower’ it. The advent of genetic engineering, cloning, and test tube babies, have all snatched away the power of creation from nature to the point of synthesizing ‘better’ organisms.  Man has been deprived of flight by nature but has overcome it through close…

It would be a mistake for education in the technological age to ignore the Humanities. Discuss.

Since humans have been able, we have used philosophy, literature, religion, art, music, history and language to understand and record our world and its people. Rightly so, the humanities can be described as the study of how people process and document the human experience. However, higher education is stuffed with overpaid administrators squeezing every ounce of efficiency out of lecturers and focusing on the ‘profitable’ areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The humanities could be at risk of being wiped out and this, for no plausible reasons.
Politicians and corporates at times claim that the humanities do not matter and ironically by no coincidence, they are the same people who think of us only as workers and consumers, not as citizens or individuals. It is the wealthy who insist that we should seek only to work: we don’t need the humanities, they tell us, all we need is to labour in a marketplace that will enrich them, not us. Liberal arts degrees have not bee…

General Paper Essays

Good morning sweet souls,
I feel excited for the holidays for the first time in my entire college life; probably because I have planned quite a tight and busily work-demanding schedule this time. I believe I already talked about that, but I'm now going to announce the initial phase for directing Our Alter Ego to the next level. 
So, hold your breath. (I am actually holding mine, so you can too ^^.) 
As from November next, there will be daily posting for sure but, what is more, awesome: I will be posting a special segment of General Paper Essays. I just want this to be a platform of exchange, where I can help others and have positive interactions going on.
I mainly write about social topics. (You might have noticed my personal taste for society-related issues if you are a keen follower of the blog, know me in real life or through my virtual platform.) 
I already have quite a bunch of written essays. They span from Mauritian issues, family life, the media to politics, contentious issues,…