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Divinity in Actions- Are you Part of It?

Are there times in your life when your instincts are pulling you down, when you are struggling to fight your inner demons, when you lack motivation, hope, or wisdom equal to what that occasion demands from you?  What if we cultivated a strong inner kinship with our heroes so they can silently, even without our knowing, nudge us to choose the right path when we encounter such forks in our road?

She accepted me as I am when others criticised me. What I wanted to do was to get closer to her. When my life took a turn of no return He rescued me. When I brought myself into deep problems, where I wasn't even thinking straight, he reordered my direction and brought from "darkness into the "light." He is that knight in shining armour, the alpha and omega, beginning and the end of all things. The author and finisher of my faith, he is my hero that I put all my faith and trust into regardless of what's happening around me. I know He will never leave me, nor forsake me, and …