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"My expectation was to be amused by some pictures, maybe a comical article.The reality was a long and ugly website that looked like it was designed by a child with access to Geocities. I tried to close the tab, but was blinded by the sheer hideousness of it all and ended up clawing my face off out of desperation. You owe me a new pair of eyes.Oh, and looking at your submitted history, you seem to be quite fond of promoting your shitty blog.Stop it."

Never good enough

I have just read that consuming fat-rich foods leads to depression. 
And I could very much be a living testimony of this-If--
If I forget about the tonnes of other things that could probably be sinking my spirits down and making me feel like I'm never good enough.

Today, I stand back again to a point where I was exactly 9 months ago- that point where I felt I couldn't prove my talents to myself. It was as if I was stripped off of my personal pride. It is as if I have not been able to prove to the world my worth.

I always held dear to my heart: achieving what everyone was there to achieve but perhaps I hadn't willed life enough...

What's surprising to see today is how the tables have turned. I would never have imagined 2 years back that people I always regarded as being less talented than I (not in the bad sense) have been able to surpass me in ways that left me staying quiet watching.

Perhaps they continued to strive even harder whilst I just relaxed back.
But I know how hard…

Should we aspire for equality?

Human beings are communal creatures and such I believe that we have an inherent need to fit in. But does this need to familiarize in turn cause a primal instinct to discriminate?  
It is indeed human nature to judge things; an ability that has enabled our very survival to be just.  However reckless, uneducated, biased and callous judgment instigates inequity and injustice. But are we all really equal? 
The answer is No.  There are countless factors that affect equality, cultural and general, local and global, most of which only serves to feed bigotry and intolerance.  So why then do we cling to such disparity? Why not level the playing field?
Thus, Communism was born.  An incredible sociological, political and economic notion and concept brought into theory by two German philosophers Karl Marx and Fredrich Engles, and first implemented by Lenin and further established by Stalin. It sought to eliminate the boundaries of social class and wealth and promote common ownership of resources an…