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“Don’t you dare speak to me in that tone!"

The black box went flying across the room before it rebounded off the wall, falling into pieces on the cold floor. The receiver had relinquished life- the earlier voice that had reverberated through it had dropped. Suddenly it sounded as if a seashell had been held next to my left ear. In my mind, a jumble of thoughts churned wildly. Black dots started to conquer my blurring vision. I knew what was coming next but I did not bother calling for help- nobody would be able heal my life now on anyways. And then I sagged to the floor, my legs no longer being able to support my weight.
Don’t you dare speak to me in that tone!*In the car right now!.. hairs downand the sun is beaming against the screen so I cannot really see what I’m writing..simply typing.. ehmm.. my head’s a little heavy..

3 Onyx "11

3 Onyx 2011 was a class filled with a number of phenomenal specimens…The droning sound of the teacher’s voice pouring over the girls, always tired and complaining (especially to Mme. Babajee), unheard, was atypical sight of 3 O.. The different dull and gloomy faces of the last hours of school day hid a pleasant reality: 3 Onyx 2011 was a class filled with so many interesting characters that it was hard to feel bored and stressed. With the correct equilibrium between fun and studies, a touch of the back benchers’ humour(seizing the opportunity to say hi to Tash, Dwi, Heemee, +Sonali Gobin ( +Sonali Gobin ) , Bharati &Henna) and the right wing of the class constant jokes, Onyx was the best class if you wanted to be an ideal and a healthy teenager..
One dominating feature, a powerful and famous one…was the ‘tapaz’ that reigned supreme in the class. The world might have come to an end, Justin Bieber could turn out to be gay but 3 Onyx had sworn to maintain its reputation…
ORIGINALITY You like Julie and her new look. You admire Martin because he can play a guitar. You think you only like originals?

A State Of Mind Originality does not lie only on your look or style, even if it is true that we can closely associate both. But then you can be original by the way you think, of living, by the type of music you listen or by the activity you perform.
Most often originality is not a choice; it’s a state of mind. The education you acquired, the experiences you live push you to adapt a certain behavior. Original girls do not conform to fashion, they are very independent and do not care about what others say or think and undertake their style of life and way of thinking at an early age.                                                               
If you can recognize yourself in a scene and you can live that situation with joy, congratulations! But if originality can fascinate so can it disturb. When you feel you are picking people on their nerves, ask yourself wheth…
You can easily learn all your lessons, you understand your Maths exercises almost instantly, you are always reading a new book and you have extremely good results...You are an intellectual!

You Are What We Call A Head You would have preferred to be remarked for your beautiful blue eyes, but it’s your mind that people crave for: be proud! Obviously, some have prejudices: the intellectuals do not have humor, they are always in the moon, they interact mostly with teachers, lead a boring life... but you know that’s not true.
You Suffer From Your Image You are not only the one who comes first in class! Look out for the others, if you project the image of somebody who keeps working non-stop, they can underestimate themselves of not working hard enough; if you talk only about your tests you have succeeded in and they have flanked in, they may become disturbed and stressed!
This does not mean that you need to hide your traits, but do not give the impression that you dominate others, he…

Diaper Changer?!

Last month, I had to collect a cousin of mine at the airport and well to put it straight and simple- I had to attend to nature's call! ( +Chesika Maulloo+Priya Bhirgoo+Maheemah Sonia Bokhoree  haha xD). So there I went treading to the cabins.
I was baffled when my eyes loomed over this: 

We'll just in case you didn't notice what i was hoping you would, there you go:
People, The last time I checked- We are living in 2014.  But this seems to be a picture taken back in the primitive ages-right let us suppose that diapers had already been invented then :S.
I was mind-boggled and I could not help lashing out about the discrimination and gender inequality portrayed in the Information Board during the return journey! And obviously, my Dad decided to turn a deaf ear :'(

I mean Gender Equality is not achieved though merely passing some Equal Opportunity Act for Goodness sake! These are the "small" things that promulgate and echoes great PERPETUATION if not CREATION of such…

Draupadi: Epitome of Feminity and Feminism

"Complexion that shone as the rain-bearing sky,
The cascading tresses and those lotus-like eyes,
The ripe-red lips that caused every fruit’s bow,
The bow-shaped lashes on a winsome brow,
The neck that hath wrested the grace of a conch,
Her youthful laughter, what music did it launch,
The great archer arches to Her rapturous smile,
Her blue-lotus fragrance that rules over miles,
The flaw-less skin about her creeper like frame,
Was she the Creator, or Creator’s Divine game?
Such was Krishnaa the Princess of Panchal!"

Draupadi was a heroic princess of the Hindu epic of Mahabharata. One who was firm and a woman with an unbending will. The Proud and angry heroine of the epic Mahabharata, Draupadi has remained an enigmatic woman of substance.
Draupadi was the daughter of Drupad and the wife and queen of the five great Pandavas, renowned alike for her loveliness and her granite will.This fiery princess bent on vengeance could be compassionate and generous, too.

Her personality was one of ligh…