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Cleanliness | India

Modi always made sense to me. But it's only after I came to India that I understood his full vision.
#Swach Bharat Mission honestly deserves anybody's full fledge support.
There's no shame in cleaning one's own dirt up.
Littering in India is tempting. This is coming from the girl who can get a person throwing waste in the bus to at least feel bad about his act. This is coming from the girl who can stop talking to her Dad because he threw a piece of paper through the car window. And still she says that littering in India is definitely tempting.
Mostly because India is not only a vast stretch of green fields but can also be this vista of ignoble wastes!
Since everyone seems to be dumping, why can't I just follow the crowd and participate in this 'culture' of theirs?
I remember this brief encounter my mom had with a guy in Shimla. He was entertaining us with some native Himachal jewellery and when mom had a piece of plastic to throw away, she obviously was lookin…

June 21

Good morning everyone!
So I know that this article ought to have been up yesterday to get it more symbolic. However, my Dad 's has been working on the desktop non-stop for three days and it's only now that I've been able to literally 'snatch' it from him. 
Without further due, let me introduce you to the day you lived yesterday! The 21st of June!
Well, to those who are not much delved into dates, events and occurrences, June 21 turns out to you as the mere 172nd day of the year!(173rd in leap years) as in the Gregorian calendar. A quick subtraction, yes, there are 193 days remaining until the end of the year. Rest assured we still have a few more days before we reach the exact middle of 2015!
Nevertheless, come, let us find out what are the 'things' that hype June 21 so much! :)
1. World International Music Day Obviously, as Mauritians, as Mauritian Students rather June 21 is instinctively synonymous to 'Music Day'. Yes, it is a day of free events to cele…

Amber Fort, Jaipur

You might probably be wondering why I'm writing about something that should have ended 5 months back. But well, I had a made myself a mental promise to write about my trip to India as much as I could. Although I had initially decided to put off the plan till December this year, here I am today; about to unravel one of my days spent in Jaipur! :)
Today, I'm going to introduce you to a fort. Amber Fort.
Located high on a hill, it is the principal tourist attractions in the Jaipur area.

It was once ruled by Raja Man Singh. Ticks a bell? To Bollywood lovers, yes this is the fort where parts of the movie Jodha Akbar was shot!  And to the Indian TV addicts, this is where some episodes of Mahabharat (Star Plus, 2014)  was shot!

With its large ramparts and series of gates and cobbled paths. The aesthetic ambiance of the palace is seen within its walls. Constructed of red sandstone and marble, the attractive, opulent palace is laid out on four levels, each with a courtyard.

The Amber Fort…

My Tata's Diary

My Grandad handed me over his 'diary' yesterday.
He said he wrote down some random words of wisdom from time to time every night he couldn't sleep. He added he had specifically done so with me in mind. 

As I read his words, it was a mixture of different emotions. I would laugh, then smile, then laugh again, then have tears brimming in my eyes, then laugh again. At times I would simply stare at one specific word and try to understand the depth of it.

Tata would have most probably never jotted down those lines. I had personally asked him that he ought to write something, write things so that he doesn't let his emotions, feelings, experiences, wisdom, knowledge and LIFE fade away into nothingness. My passion for writing takes its roots from this very quest: to be able to capture a moment's emotions and vibrancy so that I can either reflect on them later, or study the graph of my growth as a soul. Also I had much to share, to offer, to give to this beautiful world that …