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Dear 13-year-old

~Dear Archie, this is dedicated to you. :)~ 
+Chitra Nair  I'm truly sorry for this lateness dear, it's just that my schedule was been pretty hectic these past two weeks. Thank you for being, much love! :)
Hello guys, I'm making a little something and just thought that you might probably want to hop in!  smile emoticon All you have to do is Comment an Advice below for your 13 year old Self. Start by "Dear 13 year old Self.." Thank you for reading. Take Care.
Love, Réa smile emoticon — with Muniraj Lutchmah and 48 others. Unlike · Comment · Share Dear 13 year old self, it's time for you to be who you really are and show it to the world.. faking will not help: ure damn fabulous.. 
Ca va réa?