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I was seated at my desk trying to complete some homework I was totally blotching. That's when my Dad dawdled out of his room, placing an open newspaper in front of me. My parents always suggest me articles to read early in the morning. My first-hand reaction was: Later, Dad! I shoved the newspaper aside. "There's your name in there," he pronounced.

A few months before that moment, I was having one of our concrete discussions about politics and the lack of proper introspection when it comes to policies and governmental actions with my Dad. He only has this one itch. He talkstalks and talks but never in front of people. He is a talker, not a doer. So he challenged me to voice out my thoughts, when I complained about his passiveness andslacktivismdespite such a great brain and heart, I must add. Of course, thus was born my blog ‘Our Alter Ego’ In many ways, my Dad has been an instrumental figure in making me who I am. I have been an only child for the first 6.5 years of m…

End Of Year Holidays 2015| Episode One: Campus Abroad Fair

These holidays were phenomenal in the sense that it was loaded with activities. Sure, it was hectic and sleep-depriving and definitely didn't allow me to blog on a daily basis, or catch up with my favourite soaps and TV shows but it sure allowed me to display a lot of qualities I was trying to experience.

Episode One: Campus Abroad Fair

To start off, I started with volunteering for an Educational Fair where I worked with +EU Business School. I must say it was an incredibly rich experience, particularly because being on the other side of the desk gives you an edge in terms of information and power. I learnt so may things about the international tertiary education world that I would never have had otherwise, learnt tonnes on universities, their financing, their flexibility, their interdisciplinary nature of curriculum, their students' life and so much more. It was a big eye-opener and gave me a lot of insight as to what I want to do later on. 

Sure, I met with a lot of tuition frie…

End Of Year Holidays 2015| Episode Six: Family Outing

Back home, freshened up just now. Trust me, I do not feel hectic, or tired right now. The family time I spent today was thoroughly needed.

Started off in the morning, picking everyone up, everyone basking in Sanam's tracks, sitting close to each other and feeling the wind blowing through our manes, eating salty snacks.
Destination Number One: Le Morne Brabant/ Beach, where we were surprisingly welcomed by several parasailers decking the blue above our heads and the blue stretching ahead of the sand. That was where we immediately had our lunch and proceeded to family games. Couple Quiz, Kids Football Zig Zag Contest, Filling up of bottles' race by the men and some cards playing.
Next came, the journey again in the bus with Gulabi Ankhein playing like crazy and having some of us singing along despite having the sphincters of our urinary bladders starting to relax and not being able to find a decent place to attend to nature's call as well as having a creamy ice cream on top…

Familial Compromises

Your home can become suffocating at times. Since my childhood, each quarter of a year had me feeling disgusted about having a family. Yes, I don't want to go into how I should consider myself fortunate and all the things that come along that make me survive. I'm intending to keep this post thoroughly negative and so will it be. 

I don't really like the idea of eternally or rather continuosly staying with a family. It's restricting, whatever you do is not enough and everything you do is simply wrong. It's so draining, you wouldn't imagine to what extent. I hate how my family is so complicated. We all have some kind of ego to bring forth in every situation. I can otherwise be patient with anything except replying back to them in their face and making my point. I hate being dominated, I hate being ruled, I hate having to make comprises to stay under the same roof with the family.
I have never believed in making comprises, but it's not like I don't make them…

The Origin of My Name

A dear friend of mine once forwarded me a paragraph she found online: “Rhea is very different to others but in a positive way. She has many, many morals and uses them to help herself and others in different situations. Rhea is a giving person and is one who shares, she does not give to receive. She sees light and hope in everyone, and can help anyone through their dark times. She is a leader, not a follower. A Rhea is a strong headed woman who has many ambitions and goals in life, she will struggle in the beginning and work hard to make the future bright, clear and successful for her and her family. Rhea is a family person and loves to be around people but also likes her own company. She is a loveable, warm hearted person who will is loyal to any companion and in any relationship. Lastly, she is a loyal, trustworthy, funny friend and is great to be around. Whenever you need Rhea she will always be there, cherish the time you have with a Rhea because she is one in a million.”

I cannot d…

Bajirao Mastani

Bajirao Mastani is almost everything the world has come to expect from a Sanjay Leela Bhansali film. Almost. It is a ravishing spectacle, the costumes are lush, thejewellery dazzling, the sets extravagant, the cinematography brilliant, the frames painterly, the lead cast more gorgeous than you would imagine human beings could be. For this alone, it is worth watching.

Bajirao Mastani explores the romantic side of 18th-century Maratha Peshwa (Prime Minister/ Commander in Chief) Bajirao Balad Bhatt, who fought and won 40 battles against the Mughals with an aim to create a unified Hindu kingdom.

Bajirao is a one-man army! The action sequences during wars and in the battlefield is noteworthy and breathtaking although not goose-bump giving.

If Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela put Deepika Padukone at her best,Bajirao Mastani is stolen by Ranveer Singh hands down. Sure, Deepika is a real treat like always along with her acting chops, but I think Ranveer has yet again displayed his acting prowess, t…

15 Jift

Hi beautiful people,

Now, I know that it's been long since I last posted something substantial enough and trust me I becry that. However, things have been so tightly scheduled lately that I'm barely finding time to really sit down and philosophise on various issues.

So, I decided to just sit down today and spare some 15 minutes to penning something quickly because I'm about to go out with my family to catch +Bajirao Mastani at the theatres.