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7 reasons why my parents are the best parents

I can't deny that and I don't want either, my parents are the best parents. Sure I understand that everyone has a different definition of best, but I'm talking for me.

1. Made Independent
My parents made me independent from a very early age. Yes, I stopped washing my school shoes as I got into upper secondary and stopped doing much mopping and brooming as well. But I was taught these tasks when I was 6. I basically started to learn cooking too very early as well as ironing and doing other random stuffs. During my primary schooling, I would majorly do my own thing. 

2. Made Self-resourceful 
And that also included fending for myself as far as possible. I cannot not ask for money now because expenses grow as you get bigger, but when I was in primary school, I would, (and I still do today for small things I can afford) buy my stuffs from my own pocket money. Thus, that culture of having to fend for yourself is something deeply ingrained in me and so are the cautious spending matu…

The 'Good' we are being taught (by parents)

It would definitely come as a surprise to you that I almost forgot I could write to make me feel better. Mostly because I have been told that writing is not a worthwhile enough thing to do in the world that we live. It happened 2 weeks ago that my Grandfather was talking about my writing processes during one of those casual family reunions and all my father had to say, as much as a great man he is, was that what should he do with the thumbs up and pleasure that others derive from reading my posts; had I be receiving a single penny for what I was doing, the case would have been utterly different.

I doubt it would be, though; because then a single penny would not have been enough. It's the human nature that we always seek more of what we already have anyway. But I do not use this is a justification. People living from a materialistic perspective may very well use it as a justification, but I never will. 

Anyway, I'm writing for a particular purpose. Last night, I found myself havi…


1st Short Story  993 words, #ParentsTeens

Samishta massaged her throbbing temples as she glanced at the clock. It was 3 am and she had not still gone to bed. In front of her, the words on her past exam papers seemed to blur together. The second term's mock examinations were two months away and this was her second attempt at bagging the State Scholarship. She had missed it very closely the previous year. 
She blinked rapidly and pressed her forehead onto a flashcard, as if that could imprint it in her memory. She groaned and glanced at her clock again. She had not slept a bit, she had to catch up with new chapter additions to the current year's syllabus. She leaned back in her chair and glanced at the ceiling before forcing her gaze back down to the table. She stifled a yawn and rubbed her bleary eyes. Her thoughts became groggy and incoherent. I need a break, I'll pick up again in a while. 
She pushed the chair back, relaxed slightly and switched to her computer. It was dusty …