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Lost There, Felt Here... (January 2011)

We are a team, a group of people, who view the environment as an interconnected organism of which we are not separate but a part of. There is no differentiation between all living things: trees, rivers, animals and humans. We are all one interdependent organism. The global problems and challenges we are facing are infinitely interconnected and co-dependent, therefore our solutions and actions must be enacted in an interconnected manner. There are numerous causes, many campaigns and organizations aiming to encourage change, which includes ending deforestation, planting trees, eliminating pesticides and healing our planet.

Nature does not behave independently. It works in unison with all its elements. Working independently to transform our planet is like trying to playing a violin without strings. Communities of businesses, organizations, people and projects must begin to connect resources and skills to passions and projects.
Human beings tend to think of the natural environment as somet…

Cultural Diversity in Mauritius: Myth or Reality?

Many people tend to dab the “Mauritian culture,” as a homogenous one. Some deny the cultural diversity in the island evolving harmoniously. In this regard, unity and diversity are interchangeable words.Constituting of ethnic groups and world religions like Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, co-existing with Hinduism and myriad spoken languages, the island’s people avow and practice different faiths which are reflected in our customs, rituals, norms, and festivals. Despite the contrasting way of life, the citizens remain essentially united. As Mauritians, we love to say that Mauritius is a twinkling model of unity in diversity. But then, we tend to do a lot of things which can only undermine the unity of this country.

Relation-SHIPS Sink

Relationships are the most important experiences of our lives. Without it, we are nothing.

That is because, in the absence of anything else, we are not.
In the absence of that which you are not, that which you are is not.I have a relationship with myself, with my family, with my environment, with my work. Divinely, I have a relationship with each of you... :)

Unfortunately, it took me much time to realize that. I've always been brought up as somebody who ought to tend to independence. Reaching this pinnacle of independence for me has long resided as the prime motive of my life..And in this wave, I got swept away to the flow of individualism for quite a long time. 
I remember shunning myself from society. Closing myself to people-even the closest ones.
It used to be dark. I remember not being able to find myself. I remember trying to seek help. I remember that awful summer afternoon in the bus weeping. I remember feeling let down. I remember feeling deceived, ignored and seen …