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Paradoxes and Adults

Adults are so full of paradoxes. And I'm feeling that contrary to popular beliefs and psychological statements, adults cannot handle these paradoxes.
Why is there such a taboo against the ending of one's life? Is not it wrong to kill oneself?
The question cannot be answered to your satisfaction because the question itself contains a false concept; it is based on a false assumption.
The false assumption is that there is such a thing as "right" and "wrong."
Your question itself, therefore, disintegrates the moment it is dissected. "Right" and "wrong" are philosophical polarities in a human value system which have nothing to do with ultimate reality. They are, furthermore, not even constant constructs within your own system, but rather, values which keep shifting from time to time. You are doing the shifting, changing your mind about these values as it suits you (which rightly you should, as evolving beings), yet insisting at each step along th…

Living Our Selves Out Openly

NIk11/15, 11:12pm One good advice that I learnt is that you should never reveal everything on you to anyone, even if you're married to that person.
Me                                                                                          11/15, 11:12pm Why is that so? :0
NIk11/15, 11:15pm You'll regret it sooner than you may think. It’s just like hating someone; you cannot hate someone without having lived with that person under the same roof for a long time. Hating a friend for something is just some childish stuff to express our anger. Real hate can only appear in the family because you never know what the other person's life was like at home, school, tuitions or any other place.
Me11/15, 11:15pm Regrets. Humph. That's about living in fear. I don't do that business. Hiding things is like stifling your inner soul from living life to the fullest. I come from a family where transparency primes. I believe in the positivity of things. To be able to surrender your soul, pul…

How to get over him?

1. You Think You’ll Never Find Anyone as Amazing as Him - See more at: