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Why does this girl do this?

There's this girl that sits at the middle-back of the class (I sit at the very front). Whenever I turn to talk to my friends, in the corner of my eye I see her glance at me and dart her head away in another direction quickly then looks back at me looks down while putting her hair to the side, this happens ALL THE TIME. Why does she do this?

Note: we did talk a little last year (a lot during grad) and I did talk to her a little during the beginning of this year. Is she mad at me for not talking to her (ignoring me rather) or is she just too shy? Best AnswerAsker's Choice Soul Bringer answered 1 year agoEditPeople avoid eye contact so they don't have to engage in conversation. That way they can keep doing whatever they were doing without risk having to stop to talk when they really don't want to.

Being a girl i can say she knows that you can see her peripherally and although she might like you she doesn't want you to know about it so she looks away. Basically she's s…

Why does this girl ignore me?

There is this girl in one of my classes who always stares at me when I'm talking to my friends, I don't look back at her but I can see her in my peripheral vision. I try my best to be nice with her, always ask if we have homework, and I sometimes say goodbye to her at the end of the day. Here's the thing though, she never wants to initiate conversation with me ever, she never says bye to me (after all the times I did), and she really just completely ignores me. Is she just shy to talk to me or what? I know this girl likes me so why would she ignore me when I'm showing her interest. Best AnswerAsker's Choice Soul Bringer answered 1 year agoEditHi, If this question of your is related to your other question:

Then there you go;

After all this time, Perhaps she lost interest. Pretend as if you did too for while. This will bring her back since she must have guessed you look up to her. Your sudden loss of interest may interest her a…

Did he lose interest?

I stared too long at my crush accidently, and the next week he started staring at me a lot. But I'm really shy, so I didn't look at him for a week, and he slowly stopped noticing me. We sometimes stare at each other in the hallway when we just happen to make eye contact, but we just seem to never notice each other. Do you think he finds me attractive? Did I make him lose interest?
Best Answer Soul Bringer answered 1 year agoEditHe's going to come back! :)

He might just be trying to figure out things about you or how to make a first step!..
As a matter of fact, if a guy really wants to grab your attention/ startle you or start a conversation with a girl they can can see themselves with, many take time to decipher the how's.

Just be a little patient, and try to smile with your eyes next time you see him down the hallway.. If he responds then smile literally- or just do it if you'r comfortable.
You could also kinda hunt him down on a social networking site and casually ask …

I like this girl.. but I don't know how to........

Hi girls, i have been liking this girl from my school days and its been long time. Now we both are 24 and working, she is only my Facebook friend and not really close. She does not have any boyfriend as her parents are very strict kind, now the problem is that i want to propose to her for marriage but it can happen only on Facebook. Is it advisable to propose on Facebook? because i don't know where she lives and i can't ask her address in Facebook, it looks weird. Will she accept if i propose on Facebook? see i am earning around 35k a month and i am good looking. If i propose you like an old school classmate who u knew hardly but saw in school everyday and now he is grown and earning, will u consider the proposal? will proposing on facebook be appropriate? what ideas i can try? Please be honest would you accept or would u just not reply or would u say No? Best Answer Soul Bringer answered 1 year agoEditYeah I think that "GIRL" is right!

See.. If i had this one friend fr…

If a guy stares at you for a long time while smiling does he like you?

There's this guy at my work who I've been starting to get to know better, and I've noticed that every time he sees me he always gets this big smile on his face and he stares at me all the time. He has this look in his eyes that I can't really explain but it seems like he's fascinated or dreamy.
Plus I'll be doing something and I'll look over at him and catch him looking right over at me, and he just smiles and I smile back.

Today as he was leaving work I saw him from a distance but I didn't say anything because I wasn't going to shout across the parking lot, and he just developed this big smile while looking right at me, and I couldn't help but smile too. Then he came over and we talked a little before he left (he seemed nervous and he's kind of dorky, but I think it's cute)

I don't know, I just feel like he stares at me just a little longer than any other person. I was wondering if this could mean he likes me? Best AnswerAsker's Cho…

What does it mean if my crush doesn't chat with me first on Facebook?

Me and my crush talk in person on a daily basis. Him being my classmate and all. Some of my classmates were saying that he and I have a different kind of closeness and some even said that my crush said that he likes me. What I worry about is, he likes and comments (Yeah I know, I stalk but I can't help it) other girls' pictures and posts and not even one of mine. It makes me wonder, is it a sign that he doesn't like me back? I tried chatting him first on facebook one time, he was fast to reply so I'd consider that our conversation went well but after that, he just...doesn't chat me at all. I'd be grateful if someone would answer my question. Thanks for reading this. Best AnswerAsker's Choice Soul Bringer answered 7 months agoEdit1) Ego Game
2) Not trying to seem clingy or desperate
3) Wants to know if you like him enough to start the Conversation first, trying to test your interest level
4) Wants to leave you hanging so as to see if you comment on it during your…

Aashiqui paane ka naam nahi kho jaane ka naam hai, Isiliye Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi..

"Yaad hai mujhe, woh exact pal…woh pal, jahaan meri saans to ruk gayi, par meri zindagi shuru hui! Pehli baar apne gande hone ka ehsaas hua, pehli baar maine khud ko kissi se kam paya…itna kam ke main kuch bhi nahin hoon, aur woh sab kuch hai! Uss pal se pehli ki zindagi ko bhool chuka tha main, aur agar kuch yaad tha to sirf woh! Meri saansein to ab tak ruki hui hain, itne saalon baad bhi…aaj bhi meri saansein tumhi se hain!”

“Pyaar mein do logon ka hona zarrori lekin pyaar dono taraf se ho, yeh zaroori nahi. Meri kahaani bhi to aisi hain.  15 saal se main usse pyaar karta hoon, ek tarfa pyaar, aur usse iss baath ki khabar tak nahi, lekin mujhe iss baat se koi parwaa nahim koi shikayat nahi. Apne pyaar ke badle mein, meri koi umeed lagayi nahi hain. Bas, pyar kiya hai aur karta rahoonga” —   Ranveer (Shakti Arora) - Epi 1: 24/6/2014

“Kehte hain insaan ki zindagi, uski pehli saas se shuru hoti hai, par meri zindagi tab se shuru hui jab meri saansein tam se gayi. Yaad hai mujhe woh pa…