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Farewell Party

It was 3 weeks ago that +Yusrah asked me to talk about the Farewell Party to the girls and I asked her to do so too. But little did I know that it would actually crystallize into yesterday's Hoopa-Loopa fabulous day! Sure! With the amount of solidarity we have as a batch and initiative some girls are willing to take, we were sure to get something going. We did miss many who could not make it due to personal reasons, internships and vacations abroad; not a doubt about that. But we also did have a lot of fun.
Invite: "Farewell is a time for the closing of one cycle, an emotional period. Our senior students have been great companions and friends. As we stand on the threshold of our new lives, let’s get together one last time over dance, music and memories."

Yesterday was always a place of unrestrained joy and nostalgia. The +Coachella Theme lit up the summer's day: a riot of colors and flowing veils to rival any gardener's paradise. Music filled the air, festive beats…

Who I Have Been

Returning home from tuition.

Just that this time it's a different feeling. Exams are in full swing and I'm not feeling any rush to get back home. Just very tired. Half of the papers have concluded today. 9 more to go. Two subjects have already ended and there's the third one ending this Friday.
I'm seriously willing time to pass quickly. I want the holidays to be here as soon as possible. I just hope not to be disappointed because I'm looking forward to a fun-loaded holidays; yes you got it right: some visits to the museums are included as well! :P 
I just want to work so really hard right now for me to allow myself to have fun three weeks from now. I'm the hardest when it comes to deserving a break. I honestly would feel guilty to dance or hang out with the girls if I feel I didn't give my best. So the formula to be guilt-free is to really rock the papers. 
I'm a very studious person by nature but that doesn't mean I do not have my fair share of procra…

Parent's Menopause Phase

"We are so busy growing up, we often forget they are also growing old.

I remember the first time I realized my father was aging. It was a blow in my face. My mother was fit, but her face looked older then. I noticed that 3 years ago during the summer holidays.

Holidays are a time when a range of emotions get stirred up. Like homemade salsa sauce and stuffing, emotions are often a mixture of ingredients. Excitement, joy sadness and stress can all be part of the family recipe.
As a child you see your parents as these invincible adults. I have seen my Dad as someone who toils hard, has been learning ever since I can remember and who took care of me as a baby.
I have seen my Mom as someone extremely firm-leading and who would take phenomenal initiatives to keep our family bonded.
I don’t know about all of you but for all of my life when I looked at my parents they seemed to be frozen at the same age. Until a few months ago.
All through my growing up they looked the same age to me.  Str…

Workplace Harassment

I always talk super professionally and formally and attempt to keep every relationship with a person who is meant to be strictly be kept at bay for obvious reasons. There's a colleague at work though who doesn't seem to understand that he has to change the way he talks to me or behave according to ethics. He is in his late twenties and is extremely creepy. Creepy because I do not like anyone telling me things on how attractive I am physically. Creepy because I do not like every Tom, Dick or Harry that pops up to call me 'dear'. Creepy because he questions me about things I do not want and do not have to answer.
Maybe 'dear' is a way of addressing to everyone. Like what things? Can you try to be distant from him? Not talk to him at all. Or be far from him. And certainly never be alone with him anywhere?
According to professional rules, I did not give him my phone number despite we have some project work. Eventually, I had to for the purpose o…