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In the absence of that which you are not, that which you are is not.
This is one of my fundamental beliefs- more like one of the eternal truths that I hold as a spiritualist.

However, coming all the way to Singapore away from our little island, Mauritius made me soon experience certain things. Briefly, I could summarize it as: It is in the absence of where you used to be, that what you used to be, is.

Amidst over 37 nationalities, you soon figure out exactly what makes your own nationality so different from the others. Perhaps those unique traits in you go to become even more pronounced! 

1. Beyond the oceans, 'We are all Mauritians'
In Mauritius, whether it may or may not seem so, ethnic groups have their own personal identities and niches. At times, being secretly fanatical we all even use racial slurs. However, when you are abroad, and say Ti Bhai meets Joseph, we are all Mauritians and that is the identity which primes above all.

2. You take advantage of your ethnic belonging to befriend other nationalities

3. You make people salivate with your French-coated English accent
Now, I'll tell you something about knowing French: It makes you a complete seductress or womanizer. While French is our national language and is spoken by one and all when we feel like it, it is a priceless language on the international podium. Knowing French makes you a gem, knowing French suddenly heightens your social stature. Top that when you speak English with that subtly French accent, people go on their backs on their floor looking at you like lovestruck little puppies.

4. You are a master of multilingualism
Mauritian Creole. Checked.
English. Checked.
French. Checked.
Hindi. Mostly Checked.
Bhojpuri. Okay Checked.
Minority Languages? Tamil. Mandarin. Telugu. Marathi. Arabic. Urdu. Checked. Checked. Checked.

5. You thoroughly enjoy 'casually' eavesdropping Hindi-speaking and French-speaking tourists' conversations

6. You can always rely on Mauritian Creole to fret your emotions out because no other nationality would ever understand you
Cape Verdean Creole, Haitian Creole and Seychelles Creole are all still different from Mauritian Creole.

7. You teach the Westerners to swear words in your language

8. People mistake you for being Indian

9. People don't believe that Sino-Mauritians are after all Africans

10. You realize that in Mauritius, the world is truly small

11. You try to make your western friends that you are not filthily rich: Houses are generally that big in Mauritius

12. You love 'Salade Sardine ek Pima Ver', 'Mang Confi'

13. Your breakfast often is 'Dal Puri lagare lenord'  or 'dipain diber fromaz'

14. You like Briani, Rougaille Poisson Salé, Boulettes and Roti all at the same time

15. You miss fruits like 'Jambalac', 'Jambolan', 'Frisiter', 'Leksi'

16. Moving abroad, your luggage are stashed with 'Mine Apollo', 'Fromaz Kraft', 'Corne Mouton', 'Zachar', 'lapoud masala' etc

17. You get very excited when portions of Bollywood movies are shot in Mauritius

18. You boast about the scenic views of Mauritius 

19. Every sentence describing Mauritius to foreigners will include the beach

20. When you get sick, you still look for 'dimiel, zinzam, feill betel'

21. You'll miss things you never really cared about
Like Old Sari-draped ladies speaking in Bhojpuri in the buses, making a real sustainable effort at socializing.

22. Your high school life was opposite sex deprived if you had no private tuition

23. You know a lot of waist movements, because well Sega

24. You Mauritius’ T-shirts with sunsets and dolphins and a stash of Ralph Lauren shirts from that factory everyone goes to, but hardly/never wear them except when you go abroad

Being detached from the home country can potentially make us nostalgic, patriotic and even to some extent nationalists.

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