17 Basic Things College Teaches You | #SingaporeSignatures

1. Coffee and energy drinks are necessities.

2.   How to stressfully watch Netflix all night while simultaneously avoiding one project, three papers, and studying for four quizzes.

3.   Just because it "fits" in the washing machine doesn't mean it should. Break down and do two loads.

4.   How to make new friends. More importantly, how to make forever friends. Friends that are good for you and your future.

5.    How to schedule a doctor's appointment.

6.   What to buy at the grocery store for actual meals. Chips and ice cream don't count.

7.   How, when and where to get free things. T-shirts, cups, stickers, key chains, and any other junk you might want to collect.

8.   Coupons. Coupons. Coupons.

9.   The extreme importance of FLASH DRIVES. Keep everything on a flash drive or face the consequences of a crashed computer during exam week.

10.  How to stay awake for 48 hours straight and still make it to your classes. And then sleep for 48 hours straight afterwards.

11. Sleeping in until lunch time is great in theory, but in the long run you will hate yourself for developing the habit.

12. All the smartest kids know that a 20-page paper is actually just a 17-page paper with wider margins.

13. Your professors are geniuses whom you are lucky to know. If you ask them your toughest questions, they will change your life.

14.  Professors have a weird mental connection that makes them ALL assign major work at the exact same time.

15.  Attending class is actually pretty important. Pretend it’s work. You’ll have to do that someday, too.

16.  Putting a Little Effort in the Morning Makes You Feel Like You've Got Your Life Together.

17.  There Will Be Times Where You'll Look Around and Wonder Where the Adults Are

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