If a guy stares at you for a long time while smiling does he like you?

There's this guy at my work who I've been starting to get to know better, and I've noticed that every time he sees me he always gets this big smile on his face and he stares at me all the time. He has this look in his eyes that I can't really explain but it seems like he's fascinated or dreamy.
Plus I'll be doing something and I'll look over at him and catch him looking right over at me, and he just smiles and I smile back.

Today as he was leaving work I saw him from a distance but I didn't say anything because I wasn't going to shout across the parking lot, and he just developed this big smile while looking right at me, and I couldn't help but smile too. Then he came over and we talked a little before he left (he seemed nervous and he's kind of dorky, but I think it's cute)

I don't know, I just feel like he stares at me just a little longer than any other person. I was wondering if this could mean he likes me?
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The act of staring implies a visual focus, where the subject of the gaze is objectified. The notion of staring also implicates the looker in constructing themselves as a subject. They might be wanting to make themselves notice.

They might also find you extremely attractive and unable to look away. (happens in most of the cases!)

If staring happens continuously, they want to check on your activities , knowing you better but from far.. normally guys do that when they really don't won't to spoil things with girls and want to know the girl beforehand so that they don't miss out a chance to amaze you!

But since Mister is smiling like crazy that means it's your face that he keeps looking at! He must be star-struck by you!

Staring someone, normally pressurises the one being stared to look back. It might just be another way to win your attention. Especially when you do stare back and they continue staring or smile lightly with their eyes. But he literally smiles AND IF HE'S GRINNING THEN HE'S INTO YOU!

Staring is also sometimes used as a technique of flirting with an object of affection. If dirty looks are plastered on their face then its that.

Since you also did smile back you looked more approachable and amiable.It also dissolves the barrier that you might otherwise have created and he mustered courage thankfully because of you and atleast came to talk to you!

He likes you if that's what you wanted to know! Now shine your smile and catch him (if you want :) )

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Wow this was the only actual detailed and thorough answer! Haha thanks a bunch! (: I do like him, I just hope he makes a move if he likes me!

Thanks again for the input~ :)

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