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This year, there will be daily postings for sure but what is more awesome: I will be posting a special segment of General Paper Essays. I just want this to be a platform of exchange, where I can help others and have positive interactions going on.

I mainly write about social topics. (You might have noticed my personal taste for society-related issues if you are a keen follower of the blog, know me in real life or through my virtual platform.) 

I already have quite a bunch of written essays. They span from Mauritian issues, family life, the media to politics, contentious issues, descriptive and informative essays inter alia.

I truly hope that they will help you in your endeavours to success. If you want help of any kind relative to topic discussion, trust me, my doors are open. You can leave a private message on Our Alter Ego's Facebook Page or comment below.

Also, if there is a specific topic on which you want me to write about, do not hither to comment below. You send me the titles and we might hopefully get something going.

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