What really is Emotional Intelligence?

I was quietly scrolling down my Facebook Newsfeed last night when I bumped against the status of a Facebook acquaintance.

It pertained to Emotional Intelligence and immediately brought me to the reminiscence of my cousin and I having such a discussion a few years ago. I wanted to encapsulate the fizzes of our conversation within a blog post.

But what does an emotionally intelligent look or sound like?

I used to dwell with the fact emotionally intelligent people are good listeners; no matter what kind of situation we're in, they always seem to know just what to say – and how to say it – so that we're not offended or upset. They're caring and considerate, and even if we don't find a solution to our problem, we usually leave feeling more hopeful and optimistic.

emotional intelligence
the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one's emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.
"emotional intelligence is the key to both personal and professional success"

We all know: People who are masters at managing their emotions. They don't get angry in stressful situations. Instead, they have the ability to look at a problem and calmly find a solution. They're excellent decision makers, and they know when to trust their intuition. Regardless of their strengths, however, they're usually willing to look at themselves honestly. They take criticism well, and they know when to use it to improve their performance.

If I were to put it in my language: Rational Intelligence is the measure of my ability to choose what I believe is right or wrong for me. Emotional intelligence is the measure of my ability to experience whatever I choose in a most beneficial way. My Emotional Intelligence is my ability to consciously comprehend my own emotional States of Being.

Being ‘Emotional’ means that I am aware of the feeling that is my emotional state of being. Being ‘Intelligent’ means I have a rational knowledge or logical understanding of the situation, occurrence and circumstances that I am currently experiencing.

I am Intelligent when I can consciously rationalise what is happening in my reality.
I am Emotional when I can feel the awareness of my energetic state of being – my emotional energy.

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